Lyncr was created by Dr Layth Tameem (me!) an anaesthetic registrar from Bristol (@laytht). 

I wanted to be able to log my web based teaching, add notes and reflections and export them to a spreadsheet for my records and my portfolio.

I was tired of losing links to webinars, video meetings and teaching. 

I also wanted a way to store these links and alert me to when they're starting.

The native calendar wasn't good enough and didn't allow me to categorise, search and export. 

So i created Lyncr.

It does all those things I wanted it to do. Plus it adds a note into your phones calendar which links you back to Lyncr.

It's cost me money but it's free to try - the first 5 events are free. If you like it, its £1.99 to unlock.

If you're an anaesthetic registrar in Severn email me at for a free code!

Enjoy, tell your friends and colleagues and if you want a feature thats not already there please let me know!

Stay safe!


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Record and log all your events

The First Stages of Our Journey

Necessity is the mother of invention. Covid-19 has changed the way we live and work. We now meet virtually, we connect using the internet and we learn with each other online. Keeping track and logging all these events can be tricky. Writing notes, reflection and exporting to you portfolio or work record can be awkward over many different platforms. lyncr allows you to do all that in one place.


Web Interface

When you don't want to join your web meeting on your tablet or phone, you can log into our web interface,  see your upcoming events and visit the link directly from your browser.

You can even add reflections straight from there too.

Any changes you make sync directly with your phone or tablet and vice versa.

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Features List

All in one app



Notes, reflections and CPD

lyncr allows you to store key notes about your upcoming event, assign CPD points and record a reflection. You can then export all these details to allow you to keep an up to date record of your meetings and learning. Brilliant if you need to keep a log for a portfolio.